All About Pregnancy

after knowing that a girl is pregnant have to do some of the followings(rituals)

  1. on 3rd month,can give "muchhore bagina"(if you have the custom)
  2. give the pregnant girl oil bath.make her sit in "devara manae(or in front of god) give fruits,muchhore,green glass bangles.on a good day
  3. on 5th month,on a good day (sunday,monday,wednesday,thursday,or friday) have to give aoushadi( home medicine)
  4. have to give for 2 days
  5. have to give in the early morning(not to drink coffee or tea also)

method for giving aoushadi(home medicine)

  1. give her oil bath on the previous day itself
  2. make her sit in front of god.
  3. take a "aoushadi koradu",extract(on a sanae kallu)the paste .it should be of "avare kallu" size,mix with,kesari,kempu kallu sakkare,and milk (milk should be boiled and cooled to room temperature)
  4. give this milk to drink


  1. and for three days give anna(rice),sihi saaru(can add a little pepper powder to belle kattu)
  2. all the three times have to eat anna itself
  3. can give coffee with lot of milk after food
  4. give boiled water for drinking for 15 days
  5. after 3days again give her oil bath(thats after finish giving aoushadi)


  1. the one who is giving aoushadi should take bath and do devara namaskara and then give
  2. girl should not touch cold water for 10 days,not to eat fried items,should not roam in cold weather

after this girl should be looked after well

another type of aoushadi

  1. this is for baby"s good complexion
  2. take" homballe(2 hand full)make a paste with milk,to that add kesari,gorochana,kempu kallu sakkare,badami,ellakki powder ,boil and give this to the girl
  3. this should be given on 3rd,5th,or 7th month
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