Anantha Padmanaba Vratha

it comes in "badrapada shudda chathurdasi "day

  1. this is also performed by only who have custom
  2. for this vratha,have to keep 2 kalasa
  3. make 2- adishesha,with darbe,with 7-7 hedae,keep for 2 kalasa
  4. keep coconut,on it apply arishina,kukuma on it
  5. put single "jani vara""
  6. put dry fruits inside the kalasa,and 1 coin
  7. and fold with ananthana vastra
  8. keep new dara on a villae dellae adikae,keep in a plate
  9. perform the gangae (yamuna)pooje,put gangae in the kalasa.perform the ganapathi pooja
  10. keep "yellow akshathe" for yamuna pooja
  11. tie dara on your hand,dara is worn by all children
  12. call brahmins,and muthiyadae for lunch
  13. prepare habada adigae.
  14. give "oopayanadana" to brahmins
  15. can perform the pojja for 14 years,and do udayapane.
  16. prepare "kayi obbattu" ravae payasa,pancha kajjaya.
  17. tulasi,tavare hoovu,tale hovvu,sevanthigae is a must for doing pooja
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