Chilaka Padma Rangoli
  1. Have to start this rangoli from "aashada maasa 1st ekadashi,"till utvana dwadashi(tulasi pooja)
  2. and do pooja
  3. On the day of utvana dwadashi,make tambittu,and make into 3 -parts
  4. In a big plate,shape that tambittu like 2 bellada achhu(jagerry ),pour little milk,and ghee,and keep a kabbina jalle(with roots) do kuttuva shastra and then do a elobarate way as we do for gowri pooja.
  5. prepare kosambari for naivedya
  1. Afterwards give that as bagina to every one along with panaka ,kosumbari,milk
  2. give "oopayana dana "to a brahmin along with tambittu ,kosambari

Chilaka padma rangoli



kabbina jelle-means" sugar cane"

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