Chitra Navaratri

comes in chaitra maasa

  1. it starts on the day of "bidigae" and ends on "dashami" day
  2. daily poojas should be performed,as we do in "navarathri"
  3. rudrabisheka,lalitha,lakshmi.vishnu sahasranam kukumarchanne is performed
  4. lakshmi,saraswathi,lalitha astothara poojas managalarathi should be performed
  5. daily naivedaya,habbada adigae,is done
  6. for muthiydae: arishina,kukuma,tambula,dakshinae,panaka,kosumbari,chigali,tambittu,fruits,blouse piece is given.
  7. on the day of dashami have to give above to 5 married women.
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