it comes on the day of "kaarthika maasa shudda padya(bali padyami)"

  1. in the evening have to perform the" balindra pooja."
  2. spread rice on a silver plate,keep kalasa(silver chombu),keep silver krishna idol and perform the pooja write swasthika on rice.
  3. have to make "bali chakravarthi kotte" out of "sagani(cow dung),and keep chendu hovvu for alankara .keep this in "pooja room"
  4. perform the pojja for that also
  5. keep" keraka"(made out of cow dung),keep "chendu hovu,apply arishina ,kukuma also keep on all doors..
  6. burn crackers in the evening.
  7. keep lights all over.
  8. prepare obbattu,payasa,chitranna and habbada adigae.
  1. if its a 1st year for your daughter,.have to invite daughter,son-in-law,"bigaru "for habba,celebrate,together and burn crackers .
  2. give gift to daughter and,son-in-law.
  3. can do "deepa dana"-do pooja for a pair of deepa and do dana
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