Food For Bananthi
  1. after the delivery,next day give her "lavanga water"thats boil 1 tblsp of lavanga with 1 glass of water ,give 1/2 ounce of that water in the morning for 3 days.can give in the early morning with out food if she is able to bear it if its a normal delivery then only give give her "menasina saaru",milk anna for oota she should wear warm clothes always.
  2. after 2 days of delivery give "kesari"mixed with villae della
  3. on 11th day,after giving bath,give "shunti pudi and bella with pure ghee ,give her this (gajugada size) give her a piece of kobbari,and ellae adikae .give this for 15 days or else can give "shunti lehya"
  4. after giving head baths give "belluli payasa"(garlic payasa) boil 8 to 10 garlic with 1 glass of milk when it becomes half the quantity ,add milk,and sugar and give for drinking give her ellae adikae to eat,she has to eat "kattu saaru with menasina saaru pudi"when ever she takes head bath
  5. for 1 month give "ravae ganji with ellakki powder and lavanga powder adding milk
  6. after 1 month give "ravae sajjigae""menthyada dosae" can give some other thindi once in a while.
  7. take equal quantitys of "hippalli,black pepper,dry shunti" make a kashaya and give for 10 days



1 cup-om kalu
1 cup-kobbari powder
2 tblsp-pur ghee
herale rasa or hunase rasa
menasina pudi


  1. fry om and kobbari powder in pure ghee, add herale rasa,bella,menasina pudi,salt boil well
  2. give this for the first anna to the mother in the afternoon according to her health conditions
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