Girl S Function
  1. when a girl becomes "ruthumathi"(attains puberty)immediately have to give "milk" and" pachha bale hannu(banana)" and do arathi(water mixed with sunna and arishina)
  2. on fourth day ,give her head bath,and give arishina
  3. prepare menthyada dosae,chigali oondae,sajjigae,and give her to eat
  4. call ladies and give kukuma
  5. 3 rd or 5th or 16thday do "aarathi "bring her a gift
  6. daily give menthya dosae or sajjigae in the morning for a month
  7. can give dry fruits to eat,and milk to drink twice a day.
  8. the dress worn by her at that time,should be given to somebody should not be used again
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