Gow-Padma Vrata
  1. Newly married girls are suppose put gopadma rangoli for 5 years
  2. Suppose to start from 1st ekadasi of aashada maasa and keep the rangoli (see below) everyday till utvana dwadasi(tulasi pooja)
  3. prepare

1st year-33 sovtu shavigae payasa (make in a new vessel)
2nd year-33 yarriyappa
3rd year-33 muchoore
4th year-33 yeL unDe
5th year-33 kayi holigae should be done for naivedhya

  1. Give bagina to brothers or to a brahmin
  2. Give yelle adikae ccoconut,dakshinae, fruits etc

go-padma rangoli

(should draw 33 gow-padma in cow and 5 in calf.)

  1. Open swargada baagilu (see figure below).
  2. Give argya (33 akshate) in koLa.
  3. perform the pooja to the gow-padma by keeping 33 tuLsi daLa (or flowers and arshina-kumkuma).
  4. Keep 10 kaDle beLe for naivedhya.
  5. Perform 33 pradakshina namaskara (atleast 5).

Opening the swargada baagilu



  1. 7 days of the above procedure make it half - vrata
  2. should draw 33 go-padma in cow and 5 in calf.
  3. after doing pooja,with the help of right hand fore finger you have to remove rangoli from swargada bagilu,
  4. and close narakada bagilu in the same way.
  5. this is done do get rid of our sins,and dirga sowmangalya,with good children,and for all good luck in our life .
  6. in the last year of pooja give silver "govu-karu"(cow and kid) as dana if possible or affordable
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