Godkal Shastra
  1. in the morning after doing "ennae shastra "and "naandi "have to do this
  2. have to do by 5- ladies including "kalasa gitthi"
  3. make a ganapathi with the cow dung in a pyramid shape,put garike hullu(grass),apply kukuma in the centre
  4. do ganapathi pooja first keeping that in a plate.along with bisuva kallu by the mother
  5. then apply sunna,kukuma ,tie hoovu to raggi kallu or small "bannada orallu"{wooden one)(channapatna toys)
  6. the pooja should be done applying arishina,kukuma,geejje-vastra,doopa,deepa,naivedya
  7. ,and grinding should be done by 5-ladies
  8. put ravae (rava or godi or rice powder in it ) all the 5 ladies should grind it together.
  9. put that as sandigae and do pooja with arishina kukuma
  10. take a "bannada kolu"and do "arishina kuttuva shastra" also.
  11. and give ellae ,adikae , hoovu ,hannu,to all the ladies who have done the shastra
  12. put the mangalya (huttu thali) to the girl after this and give presents
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