1. have to call 5 -ladies for this shastra or can call more (5 ladies is a must)
  2. two days before have to give "arishina ennae "to ladies and invite them
  3. those ladies should take" head (oil)bath" on that day and come
  4. can call small girls also.

procedure put a maanae in front of your house put rangoli

  1. keep water ready mixed with "arishina"
  2. wash both hands and feet in that water
  3. apply arishina to hands and feet
  4. apply arishina kukuma to feet and do namasakara
  1. let them come inside and sit on a chappe (put padma) facing east.

note keep ready ellae adikae plate and soaked hesaru belle

  1. in a plate keep 5-types of fruits,coconut,villae dellae,adikae, chigali,tambitu,2-types of kosumbari,blouse-piece,2 -types of flowers,dakshinae ,bangles,1- cup milk,1-cup juice
  2. keep this plate and cups in front of ladies.
  3. first give them arishina,and then arishina kukuma,flower
  4. give them hesaru belle, let them have it ,then give milk,panaka and plates
  5. do mangalarathi
  6. do namasakara,take akshathe in your sarre tudi

let them all go to chappara and come back


for girls plate can keep bangles ,clip,bindi,saara etc

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