Jyothi Bhimeswara Vratha

it comes in "ashada bahula amavasya"

  1. its also called "pathi sanjivini vratha"
  2. in front of god ,on a mane , keep a plate ,spread,rice on that plate,keep 2 deepa kamba,(lighted)on it .
  3. keep 9 villae delle,9 adikae,9 elle gejje vastra for pooja
  4. tie arishina dara ,tied with 9 knot and "arishina kombu" to right side' kamba"
  5. keep ganapathi ,ishwara,(or mangala gowri)in the middle and do pooja
  6. make hasidara (with 9 knots ,apply arishina ,tie 1 flower) separetly and do pooja
  7. girls should do pooja and tie dara to right hands either by a purohit or by your husband
  8. should prepare "karigadubu, bandara "
  9. keep fruits,coconut bandara,karigadubu do naivedya
  10. keep bandara on pooja room hostilu or front door hostilu,do pooja for hostilu
  11. boys(brothers) are suppose to break bandara,
  12. keep bandara on either side of hostilu on a elle adikae dakshine,apply arishina,kukuma to hostilu
  13. boys should sit inside the hostilu on a manae(chapae)
  14. put kukuma and ganda on their forehead and do aarathi
  15. boys should break that bandara with elbows,by putting their legs on either side of hostilu
  16. girls(sisters) should also bang on their backs ,by their elbows
  17. read the story which is in a song form
  18. should prepare idli,shavigae payasa, hesaru belle kosambari ,huggi(sweet pongal)on this day.
  19. this pooja is done for getting a good husband by unmarried girls.
  20. this is done by all girls in the family.
  21. give "oopayana dana " to a purohith along with karigadubu.
  22. give arishina kukuma to ladies(muthyidae)


  1. married girls should do vratha for 9 years
  2. on the 9TH year have to do udyapane and have to give 1 pair of deepa kamba to brothers or bhramin,along with panche shalya and saree or blouse piece to athigae(sister in law)
  3. serve them with habbada adigae
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