Kalu Tolaeyuvudu

kalu tolaeyuvudu(feet washing)

  1. have to start from "chaitra tadigae" and do till "vaishaka tadigae"
  2. thats after doing tadigae gowri pooja
  1. it should be performed by newly married girls
  2. have to do for 5 years
  3. have to do daily for 1 month for 5 married women
  4. in a anni tatte or plate, keep arishina,kukuma,chandra,kannadi(mirror),bachanigae(comb),kappina dabbi(kajal)pancha patre ,uddaranne
  5. first wash the feets(kalu),apply arishina for both hands and feet,by adding a pinch of arishina to water
  6. give kukuma,chandra,kadigae,by keeping a mirror in front of their face.
  7. comb the hair,give hoovu,give kappu(kajal)for eyes,
  8. give akshathe and do namaskara
  9. give elle ,aadikae ,along with kosumbari,gojju avalakki,bannana,dakshinae
  10. give 5 obbattu along with arisina,kukuma
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