Krishna Janmastami

it comes in "shravana bahula aastami "and" rohini nakshatra"

  1. its also called "gokulastami"
  2. this will be mainly performed by vaishnavas
  3. its lord krishnas birth day and have to worship lord krishna.
  4. have to put small krishnas pada(foot steps)from front door to pooja room
  5. decorate mantapa with mango leaves,flowers and fruits,keep krishnas totillu or tie that in that mantapa.,and do pooja
  6. not to eat rice ,have to eat palahara
  7. have to prepare all types of bakshyas(oondae,chakkuli,tengolu etc),huliyavalakki,sihi avalakki,panaka,kosumbari, and do naivedya and also keep milk curd.
  8. perform the pooja in the night
  9. give elle adikae to a brahmin and muthiydae,along with oondae chakkuli bagina.
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