Lagna patrikae


  1. Its done after both boy and girl agreed to each other ,
  2. its done by both boy and girl families along with relatives
  3. its done to fix a good date,muhurtha,for the marriage.
  4. it will be fixed on seeing both boy and girl horoscopes.
  1. its done by a purohith ,in front of both the families,by keeping a "ganapathi idol";,and lighiting a deepa,doing pooja for that,they will write the lagnapatrikae( marriage invitation)
  2. have to distribute kobbari sakkare to all the people.
  3. both the families will exchange the "lagna patrikae"
  4. then both the parents will give gift to boy and girl ,and they will exchange" rings"
  5. and have to serve lunch to all the relatives


  1. after doing lagna patrikae ,if some death happens in the family,its restricted to go there
  2. if shradda (ceremony of dead people)is there before ,lagna patrikae should be done after that.
  1. after printing the card,smear" kukuma "to the 4 corners,and keep that in front of god in a pooja room ,do pooja,first give that to an elderly people in the family ,do namaskara and then distribute to others.
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