Magu Bananthi Shastra

immediately after the birth of a child give kobbari sakkare or sweets to every body
on the

  1. 9th day for close relatives,give ville dellae,one piece kobbari,adikae after giving kukuma
  2. this is called "gedda vilya"
  3. on 10 th day,prepare tatte idli,sihi kadubu,give as bagina to all relatives.prepare habbada adigae on this day,serve the dishes to bananthi and give her ville dellae to eat
  4. do arathi in the evening
  5. soak kadale kallu on this day
  6. on the 11th day,make the bananthi to wear a white saree,do arathi,and let her come inside the house and tell some body for "koyulu muthaiydae" koyulu muthiydae should come for the morning shastra it self
  7. boil water adding 5 types of leaves(mavu,bevu,nimbae,herale,and ekka)
  8. bring 5 ekkada kudi and keep it
  9. take a "gundu kallu",apply sunna around it,apply kukuma,and tie bevina soppu
  10. and call muthyidae in the early morning itself,before giving bath to bananthi
  11. put a "hasae"in the back yard of the house,make both koyulu muthyidae and bananthi sit on that "hasae manae",give them ellae adikae to eat they should not eat that ellae adikae,should be kept in the mouth,
  12. keep on 5 sides (,around the hasae manae,)on a villae dellae,keep adikae,hasi kadale kallu,shunti bella,on it.
  13. "hasae manae"should face east side
  14. dig the ground and put the"hokalu balli"(umbellicle cord)in it and close it.
  15. sprinkle "okuli water"with bevina soppu on bananthi"s back by 5 muthiydae and put manthraksathae and do ashirvada
  16. do arathi
  17. while coming inside the house,turn 3 times behind ,and spit ellae adikae there itself
  18. give arishina ,kukuma ,hoovu,ellae adikae hasi kadalle kallu,shunti bella to all muthiyadae"s
  19. give head bath to bananthi, and let her apply arishina to her hand,feet and dry the hair with "sambrani"
  20. she should dry her hand,feet,and elbows also
  21. give" shunti bella"and" kobbari" to eat
  22. prepare "habbada adigae",soppina palya,kadale kallu ,badanae kayi huli ,chitranna, and let her eat it
  23. in the after noon ,before taking lunch make 5 "pidachae"chitranna,sopinna anna do pooja .
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