Mangala Gowri Pooja

this pooja comes

  1. in shravana maasa
  2. this is done by newly married girls for 5 years
  3. in this first and last year baginawill be given to the girls mother.
  4. in a pooja room,put rangoli,and keep a mane
  5. keep a plate on that mane,spread a blouse piece,keep a kalasa in the center,with villae-delle,and apply sunna to the 1st kalasda chombu
  6. apply sunna to 2nd kalasada chomu,put kukuma,in the center tie hovvu(flower)
  7. put mantrakshate in that kalasa,cover with atriangally folded blouse piece
  8. some people will put godi in kalasa
  9. keep 5 blouse -pieces(folded in triangle shape) on either side
  10. keep mirror, balle bichole ,kobbari gittuku-2,(apply kukuma and chandra)on either side
  11. make arishinada gowri,keep that on a bellada achhu in front of kalasa
  12. keep ganapathi idol in the center,ishwara -parvathi photo also if you have.
  13. keep 16 -ville delle(pan leaves), 32-adikae and do pooja
  14. make tambittu,out of tambittu make 16-sodalu(keep ghee bhathi in that) and 16-gulla(triangle shape like ganapathi)
  15. light tambittu deepa,while reading the story,keep a maguchva sovtu(dosa spoon) (applied ghee )above those deepas .so you will get kajal
  16. tie the 16 knoted arishina dara to hand
  17. give arishina,kukuma to ladies preparing kosambari
  18. give kajal also.
  19. give 1 sodalu,1 gulla also


  1. and on the last week,prepare 16 ellu oondae(some wil put ravae oondae),put it on a chombu,cover with a blouse piece ,give that as prasada
  2. on the last 5th year,put 16 ellu oondae in a chombu, do udayapane,give morrada bagina and chombu to your mother
  3. have to put sarre,blouse piece in that morada bagina.,along with oondae,chakkuli,obattu.(each 2)
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