Margashira Maasa Poojas

1}perform the "ishwara parvathi" pooja by keeping the photo from margashira shudda padya to pushya maasa shudda padya.
have to do for 3 padyas.
last week give" marada bagina".

  1. first padya prepare -huggi,(pongal),tambittu
  2. second padya prepare-hulianna(puliogare),obbattu
  3. third padya give bagina

2} on all 4 sundays can perform the" gowri pooja"
have to do oralu tambittu for naivedya
have to keep chapradavare ellae ,and do pooja.

3}on all 4 thursdays,can perform the "gowri pooja"
who have done this are not supposed to take oil bath on thursdays.

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