Marriage shastras & sampradaya


  1. this is very important through out the marriage function.
  2. take a silver plate,keep 5 -silver battalu(cups) in that
  3. fill that battalu with arishina,kukuma,manthrakshathe,chandra,adikae.
  4. and keep a gandada batalu also with ganda water
  5. keep few ville dellae,hoovu(flower)also
  6. keep some coins also
  7. this will be hold by the mother throught out the marriage function.


  1. take a small silver plate,put mantrakasthe in that ,spread it,keep a small thali(chombu) pour water and put some mantrakashthe kallu,keep 2 or 5 ville dellae with the tip facing up,and put a flower garland to chombu
  2. in the middle of thali put a sunnada patte
  3. place a small mirror in front of the chombu
  4. this should be carried by boys or girls sister(kalasa githhi)


  1. boy /girl,parents,kalasagithi,should go to pooja room first,do namaskara ,then come to hase mane,\.
  2. father should wear a panche and shalya
  3. light deepas in front of hase mane
  4. an elderly lady will put kukuma on fore head starting from right side.
  5. they should be touched by ville delae patti
  6. in a bowl,mix arishina to coconut oil,smear that to all their heads 3 times with a flower.
  7. apply 3 times arishina to hand and foot
  8. and do arathi along with one more muthiyadae
  9. they will put coins to arathi tatte(who sits on hase mane)
  10. after wards they will go take bath


  1. now in a bath room,put " mane",let boy/girl and mother should stand on that facing east
  2. keep 2 ville delle,on that keep adikae,coin,and soaked kadale belle(channa dhal) ,on all four corners of mane
  3. take 5 lotas (glass)smear a sunnada patte,pour okuli water(arishina+sunna mixed water) and put a coin in that
  4. keep them around the mane
  5. starting from the middle glass,put a hasi dara(thread) around all glasses
  6. this glasses will be taken from 5 muthiydaes, simultaneously,and will be poured on shoulder of mother and girl/boy
  7. apply kukuma on fore head,do arathi,to them.
  8. mother will be given the saree brought by her parents as gift.
  9. that will be worn on dhare time.



  1. nandi means doing pooja to family god and elderly people
  2. take one new stick ( 2 ft) tie a new saree and a blouse piece ,thali along with kari mani sara.
  3. tie a twig of soppu(mavu,lakki,etc) according to their family tradition.
  4. in a plate spread some rice,keep 2 coconut along with ville delle,arishina kombu,5-bellada achhu,balle -bichhole,karimani,arishina -kukuma packets,16-battalu adikae,and keep that stick in this plate.
  5. do pooja for that
  6. this will be carried by father to chappara and then in front of god or pooja room.
  7. while doing chappara pooja 1 holigae(obbattu) will be put into that
  8. while coming back after doing chappara pooja,do hostilu pooja
  9. after the marriage is over that plate will be given to purohith and saree will be kept at home



  1. this will be done in boys house,by a muthiyadae
  2. first take 2 thread jaanivara,dip or apply arishina water well,
  3. rememering goddess name put beads(karimani) in that thread,along with thali,gundu,
  4. then put a knot on both ends ,so that it won"t come .
  5. give elle adikae to that lady or muthiyadae.
  6. should not put kari mani for dare thali,put karimani for nagoli thali.

Devara samaradane

  1. put the "chappara" in front of the house ,tie with" mavina soppu,apply sunna, kemmanu
  2. put "rangoli "in front of the house
  3. clean the pooja room ,and wash all the god ,pooja utensils and other things on the previous day itself
  4. keep a hase mane facing east,put rangoli in front of that,cover hase mane with a small jamakana or shawl or a new cloth with the edge facing front.
  5. keep rangoli every where, do" godkal shastra also"
  6. in the morning ,do "ennae shastra"to the boy and girl(in their houses),his parents,and kalasagithi,and do "malanirina shasra"mangala snana.
  7. have to give gifts from parents house(malaniru saree )etc
  8. have to keep ready "anni tatte,kannadi kalasa,"
  9. "devara pooja" should be done by the purohith
  10. and then do ganapathi pooja,punyaha,nandi ,navagraha homa,manae devara pooja,chappara pooja,pala pooja,and do aarathi
  11. do "hovilya shastra"if its a custom
  1. prepare habbada adigae ,should prepare "belle obbattu"
  2. this shastra is done in both the boy and girl families.

evening programme

  1. in the evening before going to the marrige hall light the deepa in front of the god
  2. the parents ,boy (and girl)and the kalasagithi should sit on the haase manae,give kukuma to them,give milk with sugar to drink ,put the " hovina haara "to the boy,and give him "arishina kayi"
  3. let them do namasakara to the god and elderly people
  4. give arishina,kukuma,hoovu elle adikae,and milk to drink to the people who have come call(escort) from girls side
  1. put "idigayi"to all the vehicles whitch will escort the marriage people
  2. put hovina hara or decorate the vehicle of the boy.

edarugolluva shastra(for boys side)

  1. keep ready with anni tatte,kannadi kalasa,aarathi tatte,a decorated coconut or arishina kayi,aralu for the boy,hoovina haara,and hoovina haaras for bigaru,bigithi,kalasagithi,and all important people,and give "kobbari sakkare " to all
  2. invite "bigaru"with "vadya" and ask "kushala samachara"
  3. put a "mane"and let boy and kalasa githhi stand on it,wash their feet,apply kukuma on their fore heads,put hoovina haara,give decorated kayi,and ville delle patti,do aarathi,put "idu gayi"the girls father should hold the boys hand and take them inside the choultry
  4. put hoovina haara to others,and give them "ganda"and kukuma
  5. invite them for thindi and coffee and then vaara poojae

vara poojae

  1. keep a "suit",shalya,pant and shirt for the boy to give on vaara poojae
  2. keep ready with "hedigae",plastic basin,and napkin to cover it
  3. chakkuli-5
  4. thengolalu-5
  5. mucchhore-5
  6. poori oondae-5
  7. aaralu oondae-5
  8. kadale kayi bijada oondae-5
  9. kadale oondae-5
  10. yelluoondae-5
  11. kobbari,drakshi,godambi,gasgase oondae-5
  12. pulangayi oondae(kallu tambitina)-5
  13. keep ready with "arishina kayi"and "decorated kayi",kobbari decorated,kobbari gituku decorated,kobbari battalu for all,and sakkare battalu
  14. for vaara poojae keep ready with milk,yellu oondae,kobbari sakkare,balle hannu,hoovina haara,do shastra for the girl

things to take for the girl

  1. take annitatte,kannadi kalasa,madilu tumbuva things for the girl,arishina,kukuma ,hoovina haara,2 -types of flowers,5- types of fruits,5-chippu banana,sarre,2 -blouse pieces,huri gadale-1/2 kg,bella-5 achhu,arishina konnae-5,alankara things,1-invitation ,kobbari sakkare,
  2. pala tambula for bigaru,2- hoovina hara
  3. do the shastra
  4. give aarishina,kukuma,ganda,hoovu,kobbari saakkare or small piece kobbari mithyai to all the people
  5. invite "bigaru" for bisiladige oota

kashi yatre

  1. do kashi yatre
  2. invite boys side people for kashi yatre
  3. take panche or makuta,peta(turban),kolu(walking stick),chathri(umbrella),and decorated kayi,mirror,pada rakshe(chhapali),hoovina haara.
  4. do kashi yatre outside the choultry
  5. take belli(silver)chombu,belli tatte,water ,aaralu,akki(rice soaked),mix rice and akki,put eduru akki and do aarathi,and the girls parents should hold the boys hand and bring him inside
  1. after this,girl should do "GOWRI POOJA "this should be performed by an elderly lady
  1. take anni tatte,kannadi kalasa,gowri ellae,green glass bangles,kalungura(toe-ring),melu hodikae saree,5- morada bagina,5-types of fruits,coconut,hovu,villae delae,for the pooja
  2. after gowri pooja give morada bagina to girls mother.
  3. same way girl should also give moradda bagina to boys mother and boys sisters,and to the lady who has done gowri pooja
  4. another bagina to a purohith as arundathi bagina (for arundathi nakshathra)
  5. give ellae adikae,hannu ,dakshinae to all the muthyidaes in girls side.after the pooja


  1. do "gange poojae" for 5-chombu,by5 muthiyadae
  2. go near the "well or tap" in the choultry,wash the tap do sankalapa as "gangae" ,do pooja with arishina,kukuma,gejje vastra,akshathe
  3. do pooja with doopa deepa,naivedaya,and mangalarathi,and fill with water and tie flower to the chombu
  4. while coming for" gangae poojae' bring" rice(akki) sprinkle water on that rice.
  5. bring that rice to "daare mantapa"
  1. for varopachara-give tatte,chombu,argya patre,pancha patre,oodarane,sathyanarayana vighraha,wrist watch,suit ,ring,chain,milk,mosaru battalu etc
  1. the girl should come with "jeerigae,bella" in her hand for daare
  2. girls "sodara maava"should bring her for dhaare
  3. put kukuma on their fore heads,give ganda,put hoovina haara,and the gift
  4. keep ready with haara,kobbari saakkare,balle hannu,gange thali,arishina kukuma packets,etc
  5. while dhaare ceromony is going on make 16 deepa with akki hittu or godi hittu ,and light these deepas

the boys side people -while going for dharae,take anni tatte,kannadi kalasa,mangalya,jewells,dhare saree,hoovu,

dharae ""thali"should be tied in arishina dhara.

after daare all muthiydaes should put arishina ,kukuma to girls arishina daara ,and bless her with akashathe.



  1. in this shastra both boy and girl will cross" seven steps" and do "sankalapa" for each step
  2. after this girls "gothra" will be changed.
  3. for laaja homa,keep ready with samithhu,aaralu,ghee.
  4. take anni tatte,kannadi kalasa,nagoli thali,saree,blouse piece,gifts for girls brothers.

do holalu suthuva shastra

  1. keep 5-baleelle(plaintain leaf),one in front of another,keep kadale belle,happala(papad),elle adikae,and deepa lighted
  2. girls brother should hold 1 -knife with flower tied ,and a lemon sticked to the knife
  3. keep a kalasa in the centre and girls mother,and 5- muthiydaes,and brother should come around that kalasa and do shastra
  4. give ellae adikae ,dakshinae to holalu suthida muthyidaes.

boomada oota

  1. put haase maane,put 5-balle elle agra,put all the things
  2. the girl should serve oondae,chhakuli,obbattu,and pour the ghee in a silver batalu(cup) as" aposhana" for the boy,do aarathi
  3. the girl father should give "tuppada aposana "to the boy
  4. put kukuma on fore heads and do arathi.
  5. the girl mother should serve the payasa
  6. give "payasada tappale,sowtu",and 2 plates for washing hands for the boy and the girl

manae thumbisikolluva shastra

  1. girl should sit on a "haase manne'
  2. and keep all thindis and oondaes in a plate
  3. keep arishina,kukuma,saree,blouse piece,flower,fruits,arishina kombu,5-kg akki(rice),5-beeladda achhu in a plate
  4. do shastra
  5. keep small "totillu',and 2 "chandana bombae "decorated
  1. the girl should do hostilu poojae
  2. apply sunna to searu and put kukuma in the centre
  3. keep ready a "searu with rice and bellada achuu with ville delle ,dakshinae" keep deepa in hostilu and and inside
  4. the girl should do pooja for 2-"ammina or lakshmi kandalu"(put rice,arishina konae,balle bichhole silver lakshmi coin or gold coin or money inside)
  5. the girl should dip her hand in arishina water and should do "chattu badiyuva" shastra
  6. 2 hands on up,2 on lower side,and 1 in between,and wipe her hand with mother in laws saree
  7. do paala pooja ,and aarathi,and give aarishina,kukuma,haalu(milk),kobbari saakkare,tambula
  8. give milk,arishina, kukuma, pala tambula to all the people.
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