Moradda Bagina

new morra-2
news paper or elle

  1. rice-2 cups
  2. togari belle-1 cup
  3. kadale belle-1 cup
  4. uddina belle-1cup
  5. hesaru belle-1 cup
  6. ravae or godi-1 cup
  7. bellada achhu-1
  8. salt-1/2 cup
  9. balle- bichole-2
  10. gejje -vastra-2
  11. hoo bathi,mangalarathi bathi-5
  12. coconut-1
  13. arishina,kukuma-packets or dabbi
  14. chandra
  15. mantrakashathe
  16. blouse- piece-1
  17. elle-adikae
  18. fruits
  19. 5 rs coin
  20. can keep saree,silver or bronze things or vigrahas in that mora as gift.


  1. bring new morra,clean it,apply arishina kukuma on it.
  2. spread paper or elle on a bottom morra.
  3. keep all other things in separate plastic covers,arrange on the bottom morra, close with another morra ,keep elle adikae,dakshinae ,one fruit on the top morra.


  1. while giving bagina to a lady,first cover with your saree sheragu(take out on your back),

cover your sheragu with mora,and give

  1. while giving say" muthiydae muthiydae bagina thago"(3 times),the one who are taking should say"muthyidae muthyidae bagina kodu"(3 times)
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