Nagara Panchami

it comes in "shravana shukla panchami day"

  1. its also called "odahutidavara (brothers and sisters,siblings)habba"
  2. on this day we worship "lord subramanya."(nagappa)
  3. previous day to this habba ,we have to put all clothes for madi (for all family members),and take head bath(oil bath)
  4. on this day have to take head bath(but not to use any shikakayi or something)just wash with water,or applying little milk
  5. not to drink coffee the morning.
  6. have to bring "huttada mannu",hunase kayi,hulikaddi,kedigae flower.
  7. make hutta out of huttada mannu,havina mari ,(snake) one small battalu(cup),keep those things on a silver plate
  8. also make batallu,(cup)and totilu(cradle)with hasi tambitu and keep along with above things.
  9. keep belli nagappa (silver snake)also in that plate
  10. have to draw nagappa and mari nagappa also with hasi akki hittu(rice powder)
  11. perform the pooja with hasi halu(milk),ghee,water,hasi akki hittu,soaked kadale kallu,aralu,arishina,kukuma,hoovu.,kedigae hoovu.
  12. take thirtha(water mixed with hutada mannu)
  13. prepare chigali,tambittu,uddina kadubu,sihi kayi kadubu do naivedya
  14. oda hutidavaru(brothers and sisters) "tani eraedu kolluvudu"(means -have to apply milk and ghee on their back and navel) to each other
  15. have to give elle adikae and dakshinae
  16. prepare habbada adigae ,not to prepare chitraana
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