it starts from " padya of ashvayuja maasa"

  1. its also called "dasara habba"
  2. on the day of padya ,have to keep" bombae"(dolls)specially "pattada bombae".
  3. goddess durga is worshiped in different forms on all 9 days .last day (10 th) is vijaya dashami
  4. daily have to perform the pooja by doing kukumarchane,and reciting durga sapthashathi.
  5. first day prepare belle obattu along with habbada adigae.
  6. daily prepare panaka,kosumbari and do naivedya along with milk.
  7. give arishina,kukuma to muthyidae daily
  8. in the evening give bombae bagina to small children(girls)

7 th day,on "sapthami,moola nakshyra day is saraswathi pooja.

  1. this is done by keeping all books,pen pencil and other things.perform the pooja prepare yariyappa for naivedya

8th day on astami is durga astami.

  1. perform the durga pooja.prepare ambodae ,payasa chitranna for naivedya
  2. give arishina,kukuma to ladies and also for girls.along with panaka kosumbari,blouse piece,dakshinae,milk etc.

9th day is maha navami(ayudha pooja) do pooja for all ayudha,vehicles,other electrical instruments.

  1. 0n all 9 days do aarathi ,but dont do aarathi on vijaya dasami day prepare habadda adigae,and do normal poja
  2. keep down the pattada bombae on this day this is also called nada habba.
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