Nithya Gowri Pooja

method for doing nithya(daily)gowri pooja

  1. light "deepa" in front of god
  2. take water in a thali ,apply "sri ganda or arishina" on 4 sides of "thali"
  3. put 1 flower in thali,close the thali in such a way that your right hand should be on top
  4. pray goddes devi,take water in a" uddarane"(silver spoon) use the same flower to sprinkle water
  5. sprinkle water on all "pooja samagri(things) kalasa,on ourselves"
  6. put that flower on "argya patre",take ganda,mantrakashte,hoovu(flower) and put on god
  7. pray and do ganapathi pooja
  8. do pooja by puting ganda,hoovu,arishina,kukuma,gejje vastra,
  9. after wards, sprinkle water,halu,on nithya gowri,and on all other idols
  10. put arishina,kukuma,hoovu,gejje vastra
  11. chant lakshmi,shiva,ganapathi,astothara
  12. light 2 agarabathis
  13. do mangalaarathi by lighting 3 -batthi
  14. do naivedhya
  15. again light karpoora and do mangalarathi
  16. do arathi(ghee bathi)
  17. do pooja by applying arishina kukuma
  18. give argya(by keeping mantrakshate in hand)
  19. do namaskara
  20. pray god take prasada,(kukuma,hoovu)
  21. do "tulasi pooja,hostilu pooja".
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