Paksha Maasa
  1. It starts from next day of badrapada bahula poornima till amavasya is called paksha maasa
  2. it"s also called "pithru paksha".
  3. this is done to give respect and rememberance to all ancestors.
  4. in this perood,no good work will be done.
  5. people will do shradda for all who have expired,they will give tarpana.for them
  6. after this will come "mahalaya amavasya"

Thithi adigae

(the food prepared in this period)

  1. saaru,kootu,towve
  2. 2-types of palya(hurali kayi or gori kayi,or dindina palya or bale kayi)
  3. gojju"s-2 types(hagala kayi ,bendae kayi)
  4. chutney-kayi or mothae (banana flower)chutney
  5. payasa-ravae or hesaru belle
  6. vadae and ambodae
  7. ravae oondae or sajjappa

on this day should call 2- brahmins and serve them with this food
give 5-ville-delle and adikae with dakshinae

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