Ratha Sapthami

it comes on "maaga shudda sapthami."

  1. write surya ratha in front of god and perform the pooja.
  2. on this day while taking bath ,have to keep 7- yakkada yellae and take bath in the early morning. and perform the pooja for surya. and do 12 namaskaras.

keep yakkada yellae 1- on head
2-on shoulders
2- on knees
2-on foot while taking bath.

  1. before sun rise after doing pooja,make ravae payasa ,it should come out of patre(ookisuvudu)(should flow out)
  2. and do naivedya
  3. give arishina, kukuma to ladies.

note mantra recited while taking bath

"saptha saptha maha saptha|saptha dwipavasundara|
saptharka parna madaya|sapthamyam snana machareath||

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