Sankasta Chowthi

can start this from "shravana bahula chowthi" .

  1. perform the ganapathi pooja for 1 year or 48 chowthis
  2. 21 garikae,red flower is best for doing pooja
  3. prepare mosaranna,karigadubu-21,payasa,kadale belle kosumbari,and do naivedya
  4. have to perform the pooja in the evening,not to eat rice or any thing till evening
  5. in the night after seeing chandra ,have to take food,after giving argya
  6. for giving argya ,keep,argya patre,milk(with honey),nimbae (lemon)hannu.half coconut,garikae,manthrakshathe,dakshinae.
  7. method for giving argya-hold that lemon,in your right hand,keep coconut at the bottom pour milk 3 times
  8. give 3-times argya to ganapathi,and 3-times argya to chandra.
  9. give upayana dana to a brahmin-spread rice on a plate, keep 2 coconut on a elle adikae,dakshinae,, fruits ,karigadubu.pour water on coconut close with a uddaranae and give
  10. in the end can perform the ganapathi homa,and give ganapathi idol as "dana"
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