Sankranthi Habba

it comes on" pushya shudda chaturdasi"

should not take head bath on this day,have to take on the previous day itself.

  1. on this day "sun" will enter "makara rasi ".this is also called "uttarayana punya kaala".
  2. since this is a suggi kaala,sweet or khara pongal is prepared for naivedya
  3. yellu,sakare achhu is also prepared.yellu,kabbu(sugar cane),sakkare achhu,pongal is kept for naivedya
  4. people will give sihi kumbala kayi or budugumbala kayi,battha{paddy} and yellu as dana.this is worshiped as "lord mruthenjaya"and given to a brahmin as dana.
  5. have to prepare habbada adigae.


  1. on this day,in the evening,all the children are made to sit on a hase maane,and elders will do aarathi.
  2. kabbina choru(sugar cane pieces),elachi hannu,coins prepared yellu,will be mixed and poured on childrens head. so that it will fall till foot
  3. give ellae ,adikae for muthaiydae. have to distribute yellu,kabbu,sakkarae achhu,banana, to all people in the evening.


  1. on this day you have to do dana as much as you can,like you can give,annada tappale(rice bowl),milk,curd,ghee,money,vastra,mannina kandalu etc.

{ 1}.can keep silver krishna in butter,and do pooja and give as a dana

starting from sankranthi,for 1- year can perform gandha villya, kadigae,balle(bangles) villya,
(fruits)villya, dampathi (couples)villya ,or can perform separetly each year.

  1. if its first year for a boy child ,have to give "silver krishna "along with yellu to people,
  2. if its a girl then give" silver cup."

note for newly married girls

  1. give 5- banans,villae dellae,adikae,yellu,kabbu,bellada achhu,sakare achhu,kobbari batallu,manina or plastic kudikae,some other fruits,dakshinae,to 5- married women.

every year keep 5 bananas extra ,
1st year-5
2nd year-10
3rd year-15
4th year-20
5th year-25 like this.
bananas should be in chippu,(5- together)
should do for 5- years.
keep battha (paddy),elachi fruit,coin in kudikae.

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