Sathya Narayana Vratha Ladies

it can be done on" hunimae(poornima),"on every month.

(it can also be done on sankranthi,ekadasi)

  1. keep all pooja samagris ready
  2. keep a photo of sathyanarayana in devara mane (pooja room) on a manne
  3. keep ganapathi idol ,navagraha prathimae also(no need to keep navagraha danya,and kalasa)

method for performing the pooja

  1. do sankalpa,ganapathi pooja,naivedya,mangalarathi, read navagraha stora ,sathya narayana astothara ,lakshmi astothara.
  2. for naivedya prepare sapath bakshya(ravae sajjigae) also keep milk,fruits .
  3. do mangalarathi.
  4. read story or recite sholkas(20) devara bajanae,or bakthi geethas
  5. after doing pooja give tambula,prasada to a lady or a brahmin.
  6. like this can do for 11 months ,and on the 12 month can do vratha by keeping kalasa.
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