Simantha Shastra

Also called "baLe todisuva shastra."

  1. this function is celebrated on 7th or 9th month of girls pregnancy
  2. first should do in husbands house,and then in mothers house(only if there is a custom)
  3. on this day give oil bath to the girl
  4. make all types of thindi (pori oondae,kurru kulu thindi,chakli,sweet etc) this should be given as bagina
  5. should call all the relatives for lunch ,and do aarathi to the girl
  6. bring 5 types of fruits,flowers,glass green bangles,arishina,kukuma,thindis,sweets,saree,blouse-piece,gold if possible to the girl
  7. people who have come will also give the above things to the girl
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