Siriyala Shrasti

it comes on the day of "shravana shukla shrasti"

  1. it is celebrated next day of nagara panchami,
  2. its done by the mothers who have male childrens
  3. its done by whoever has paddathi(custom)
  4. have to draw siriyala with chandra on pooja room wall and do pooja .after wards have to wipe off siriyallas head region
  5. make all male children to sit on a hase manne and do aarathi
  6. prepare 5 types of anna(rice)-chitrranna,mosaranna,tupanna(ghee rice) ,sihianna,plain rice.,shavigae payasa,kosumbari
  7. also prepare "sopinna palya."
  8. give arishina ,kukuma,hoovu,to muthyidae,give elle adikae with coconut,fruits and dakshinae
  9. give bagina to muthiydae(married ladies)-thats whoever has male childrens,and call ladies for lunch
  10. put all the food thats prepared on a balle elle(banana leaf) or plate cover with another elle ,give bagina.
  11. those ladies will call male children as siriyala 3-times,and boys will do namaskara.
  12. those ladies will put akashte on male childrens head and do ashirvada.
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