Swarna Gowri Habba

it comes on "badrapada shudda tadigae "

  1. for this festival women will get arishina kukuma from their parents(mothers house)before amavasya.
  2. parents are suppose to give arishina,kukuma,fruits,2 or 5 coconuts,pooja samagris,16 elle gejje vastra,saree,blouse piece,money etc.
  3. note=if its first year for a girl and son-in-law,then some of these things below are given

we have to go to bigara (boys house) house on a good day ,and have to take arishina,kukuma,21 elle gejje-vastra,bathis,fruits,flowers,5 coconuts,agarabathi,karpoora,chakli hittu,silver ganapathi idol-1,money or shirt,pant or any gift

  1. and the girl should do pooja in her mothers place
  2. girl should give 16 marada bagina.

#she has to put saree,blouse piece for her mothers bagina

  1. along with bagina ,give 2- obattu,2-puri oondae,2- tatte idli
  2. have to give money to all girls for bangles with elle adikae
  3. keep ready the morada baginas previus day it self

method for preparation for pooja

  1. take a small white piece of cloth,dip it in arishina water,put maralu,in that tie it ,aplly arishina,kukuma for alankara. thats maralu gowri
  2. make arishinada gowri with arishina.
  3. spread rice in a plate,keep kalasa ,keep 2 villae delle,coconut (apply arishina,put kukuma,chandra for alankara) mirror,and decorated gowri mukawada or gowri mud idol
  4. keep arishina,maralu gowri also in that plate. keep 1 ganesha idol also
  5. if its a custom do gangee poojae and bring god inside the house along with mangala vadya and keep in the mantapa.

pooja samagri

  1. arishina ,kukuma thate(plate) 16 types or flowers and patre(leaf),karpoora,agarabathis,tuppada bathis,gejje vastra,16 elle gejje vastra,16 knotted arishina dara,elle adikae,balle-bichole,blouse piece,opayana dana,mirror,bangles,comb.etc
  2. milk,sugar,ghee,curd,honey,coconut water for panchamurtha abisheka
  3. perform the "shodashopachara pooja",and give bagina to gowri
  4. while giving bagina have to say-"savitri,savitri,bagina tagoo"=3 times,while taking-"muthiyadae,muthiyadae bagina kodu"3 times=
  5. if you are immersing on the same day,put "opakki"-means-in1 -plate keep akki,in another keep salt take both in your fist exchange 3 times put in the same plate
  6. prepare 5 types of rice dishes do naivedya.
  7. in the evening put sobalakki-(1 blouse piece,arishina,kukuma,balle bichole,arishina kone,2 coconuts,bella achhu,rice ),and remove the dara also
  8. while imerrsing gowri ,ganesha,make mosarru avallakki with out adding salt ,eat that

food prepared for habba

prepare habbada adigae,kayi or belle obattu,(or yeriyappa)chakkuli,kodu bale,tengolalu,

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