Tadigae Gowri Vratha
  1. on chaitra maasa can perform the "gowri pooja" on all the "three tadigaes"
  2. 1-chaitra shuddatadigae,2-chaitra bahula tadigae,3-vaishaka shudda tadigae(aksha tadigae)
  3. its also called "uyyale gowri"
  4. take oil bath
  5. make" gowri "with arishina,keep that on a" ville dale" on a" bellda achhu"
  6. spread rice on a plate,keep kalasa,mirror,balle,bichole,and perform the pooja
  7. first perform the ganapathi pooja and then perform the gowri pooja
  8. prepare panaka ,kosumbari,naivaedaya for god
  9. arsina ,kukuma,elle adikae,milk,panaka,kosumbari,kayi,fruits,flowers,blouse piece is given to married ladies
  10. after doing pooja on all 3 tadigaes,immerse that gowri in a river or well.or in a bucket or vessel filled with water.
  11. do not immerse gowri on tuesdays and fridays.
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