Totillu Shastra
  1. this should be done on the 11th day of childs birth
  2. decorate the totillu(cradle)with sarees and flowers.
  3. make ready "gundappa" thats ,take a "gundu kallu" apply around the kallu with sunna,apply kukuma and tie bevina soppu
  4. make a "ganapathi" with arishina ,keep on a "saanae kallu"and do pooja do naivedya with puri oondae,coconut,milk,fruits.
  5. bring bananthi and koyulu muthiydae to "haasae manae"
  6. keep ready for madilu tombuva shastra thats kobari batallu,,ville dellae,adikae,blouse piece
  7. first do ganapathi pooja,and then keep"bajja bennae".
  8. take a "bajje " extract the paste by rubbing with milk.first make the shastra by giving that to gundappa,and then apply "kajjal"to gundappa and do "kivi chuchuva shastra"also to gundappa
  9. and then do all the above shastras to the baby by an elderly lady
  10. and then put gundappa to totillu first and then the baby by muthiyadaeS,bananthi,and koyulu muthiydae
  11. and put "rakshae"
  12. give puri oondae ,ellae adikae to all the muthyidae
  13. do "'madilu tombuva shastra to banathi "and koyulu muthiydae
  14. give adkelae to them.


  1. on the 11th day after giving bath to mother and child do "shudda punnyaha" to the house.
  2. and can do"namakarana shastra"on 11th day
  3. other wise can do on some other good day
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