Comes in :shukla paksha

  1. on the day of padya is ugadi habba
  2. wash and clean all "vigrahas"and clean pooja room on the previous day itself
  3. on that day tie" mavina thorana " and "bevina soppu" on the main door and pooja room
  4. rangoli should be put in front of the house.
  5. have to take oil bath by all family members.,by appling kukuma on fore heads,and then apply on head.
  6. wear new clothes
  7. perform the pooja and abisheka ,take prasada,thirtha and bevu -bella
  8. keep "new panchanga" also and do pooja
  9. eat" bevu bella" (neem leaves+jagerry+ghee),after doing naivedya to god.
  10. in the evening do "panchanga patana"(read panchanga)
  11. prepare habbada adigae special is" belle obbattu","mavinakayi chitrranna".
  12. have to do aarathi to all the kids and youngsters in the family
  13. make them sit on a hase manae do aarathi,and put "sakkare mani,kadale,aaralu,kobbari,sara" on their necks
  14. distribute "puri oondae "to all
  15. if its first year after marriage of your daughter,have to call both daughter and son in law,and give them gifts
  16. do "namaskaras" to all elders at home
  17. go to a temple
  18. do watch"bidigae chandra" in the night
  19. next day of ugadi is" varshada toduku" on that day also do pooja and prepare habbada adigae

note "mantra "to be recited while eating "bevu bella"

"shatayurvajradehaya| sarva sampathkarayacha|
sarvarista vinashaya| nimbakandala bakshanam".||

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