it comes in "shravana shudda poornima"

there are 3 types

  1. 1-rugveda opakarma-on the day of "shravana nakshtra"
  2. 2-yajur opakarma-on the day of' poornima'
  3. 3-samaveda opakarma-it comes in badrapada maasa ,"hasta nakshara' day
  4. its for all men ,they have to wear a new "janivara "on that day
  5. some people will perform the pojja for all rishis,and they will also perform homa.
  6. they will give jala(water)tarapana for all rishis and all pitrus
  7. have to prepare "oothu shavigae",(or shavigae payasa)chitrranna,obattu,payasa and do naivedaya
  8. have to prepare "satvada hittu"-means -mix hasi akki hittu,bella,grated coconut,all types of fruits(drakshi,apple,banana,sibae kayi,dalimbae),and do naivedya ,this is the prasada have to eat by all people .
  9. on this day men have to eat only once.and in the night eat "palahaara"
  10. if its first year for aaliya(son-in-law),we have to give him new clothes,mangala dravyas,janivaras,dakshinae
  11. if its first opakarma for a boy,have to do havana and do opakarma in a guru"s place
  12. prepare 5 types of'" oondae',and soak' kadale kallu' on 1st opakarma.
  13. give elle adikae ,dakshinae,along with 1-pair "janivara"applying kukuma to all brahmins
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