Vaikunta Chathurdasi

it comes on "karthika shudda chathurdasi"

  1. on this day vishnu poja is performed everywhere
  2. eveywhere diposava will be done

we can light deepa in a special way.


  1. take 366 ellae bathi,make ellae bathi out of it.keep gopadma in rangoli making shanka,chakra, nama and 366 padma keep deepa on this ,do pranaprathistapane,perform the pooja with dupa ,deepa,and naivedya.

method for making bathi

  1. take 183 ellae,make it into 2 so that it will become 366 ellae,keep rangoli,make 3 doors for that,have to open east door .


  1. next day is vishnu and shiva deepostava .do pooja .do deepa dana (5)
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