Vara Sidi Vinayaka Vratha

it comes on" badrapada shukla chwothi "day

  1. on the previous day it self bring one mannina ganapthi,in front of main door do aarathi,and then bring it inside.
  2. or you can perform the pooja for silver idol
  3. decorate the mantapa or chair or table.
  4. keep rangoli in front of mantapa
  5. spread rice in a plate and keep ganapathi in it
  6. 21 or 108-garikae,11-types of patre (leaves) is a must for pooja
  7. keep 21 elle vastra
  8. prepare 21-karigadubu,ellu,pancha kajayya,oondae,oondaligae,muchhore,tengolu for naivedya.
  9. keep all the bhakshyas thats chakli,kodu balle,and other things
  10. also keep 2-coconut,11 -ville dele,adikae,banana,apple,mosambi,drakshi,dalimbae ,sibae hannu,pineapple for naivedya
  11. prepare habbada adigae. also for naivedya
  12. kadale belle kosumbari,mosarranna,payasa is a must for naivedya
  13. give opayana dana to a brahmin or a purohith
  14. in the evening,read "samanthakopyna kathe",do viserjana.
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